A True Voice

Very few things that I have learned over the years have been more profound than understanding the value of a clear truthful voice.  Growing up I was blessed with a dad and grandad that provided a true voice for me to follow.  I understand that not everyone has that advantage in life.  As I grew and developed into manhood, I noticed that there were voices that were not true and voices that were worthy of listening to.
Identifying a true voice is only possible if you know what a true voice sounds like.  A voice that is deceiving sounds very close to a true voice, in fact, that is exactly what makes the lie believable! It is amazing how deceiving, deception can be!  Ha, Ha! But you know the truth is often distorted in subtle ways or a half truth is presented.
Every leader with an unclear voice is a poor leader because it is difficult to understand if it is a true voice and, therefore, difficult to follow. I believe a true voice is a great gift to have in your life.  More importantly being a true voice to those whom you have influence may be even greater!
I personally tune my ears to the Word of God because I believe it is true and full of truth that has the power to set men free. Not all truth sets you free.  It is the truth that comes from God.  The truth that you believe and act upon is the truth that has the ability to set you free.  John 8:36 “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” In your spheres of influence, be a true voice! This one thing will make you a better husband or wife; father or mother; leader or manager; friend or citizen. Blessings!

Fred Hughes, CEO, Decision Ministries Int. ~ www.decision1.org

Fred Hughes, M.Photog. , Owner ~ www.byfredhughes.com


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