Life is not just something we do!  Life is actually a person… Jesus said “I am the truth and the life…  LIFE!  Jesus also said “I give you life and life more abundant”  What is this LIFE?  Life with my wife or husband, kids, friends, people I work with, all very important and all valuable parts of my life.  People have life… we can lay it down if the cause is worthy. We can through it away, waste it away or invest it in something or someone.  Paul said, “It is not my life that I live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”  We can allow Christ to live in and through us. What a wonderful way to live life!  It is the only way that we can achieve the life and life more abundant.  Christ in you, the hope of Glory!   Life in Christ brings His Glory into the Earth.  Life, it is special. Life is in you.  Only believe!  The days we live, we call life! That is a sad summation of a person’s existence on Earth.  Life is rather the creative and cumulative revelations of Life Himself manifesting in and through you!  Interestingly we are also called vessels and we are made to be able to carry this wonderful life and share it with others.

Do not try to do life, rather live it in Christ, allowing Him to shine through you!

Fred Hughes, M. Photog. ; CEO Decision Ministries Int.


Original Posting of this article was September 2, 2015

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