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Mistakes, we all make them!

Mistakes, we all make them!

There are some mistakes you can make and sometimes get by with, but there are others that are less forgiving. My experience over the years in the world of business and ministry has taught me three mistakes you just do not want to make.

1.) Do not underestimate people

(and by the way you, are a people).
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to underestimate the value of a person based on appearance, first impressions or even performance on a given task. Given the right opportunity most people, including you, can achieve amazing things. Don’t underestimate what a little encouragement, extra training or the right incentive will do to reveal true potential in people. Get rid of your small thinking and think bigger of yourself and others.

2.) Do not try to move every rock.

Every problem that pops up in life is not there for you to dig up and move out of the way! You do not need to move every rock that gets in the way! Distractions and non-essentials will rob your productivity and resources. Some rocks have to be moved, but not every single one! Choose wisely and don’t wear yourself out moving rocks you can just go around!

3.) Do not forget to be thankful and generous.

There is a flow that is healthy. A pond has to have water coming in and water going out, otherwise, it will dry up or stagnate. The great mistake many people and businesses make is to neglect one end or the other of that essential life flow. Be thankful for the fresh intake and be generous to release an outflow to others. In the buzz of work and life, it is easy to forget to check on both ends of the life flow in your relationships, family, and business.


Fred Hughes, M. Photog.

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5 Directives that can reshape your life



We live life in a body. We have a soul (mind, will & emotions), and we are a spirit (God breathed His life, or Spirit into us).  My focus is on the will.  The will is the area perhaps least talked about, but just like the mind and emotions, it has much to do with how our lives and relationships operate.  What I will to do, or not to do, can carry me away as a captive, or propel me into wonderful places. God himself will not take my will from me.  He is the one who gave it to me to start with.  Therefore, it is my choice how to direct it.

Directive: A statement, or declaration, that provides direction for an action to be taken.

If my soul is being lead by the Spirit of God, then my mind, will, and emotions align with one another.

  • My Mind — I can have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5).
  • My Will —  By the Word of God I can know His will for me and can agree, or not agree with it!
  • My Emotions — The emotions will then follow the rejoicing, or the rebelling of my mind and will.

With this in mind, there are five directives that I personally choose (or will) to do.  Each of these brings unique benefits to my life.

1.)  I Will to ………. Love!  Love God and love others (1 John 4:8-17).  For those who do not love me, I will love them anyway!  Love never fails (1 Corinthians 15)!  I can and will count on love.

2.)  I Will to ……….. Be a giver, full of generosity and gracious at every opportunity.  John 3:16 says, “For God so Loved the world, that He GAVE …… Giving is simply Godly!

3.)  I Will to ……… Listen closely and learn.  Listen to God.  “My sheep know my voice,”  John 10:14, 27.  I will listen to the voice of God and be taught by men with wisdom.  I will not cease to learn good things.

4.)  I Will to ……….. Be joyful and live a happy, fruitful life, because I am blessed! I am a friend of God (James 2:23, John 15:15).  I am blessed going in and coming out.  I am going over and not under.  I am blessed and not cursed.  I am redeemed, bought with a price, and a child of God (Romans 8:14).  I have every reason to walk in Joy and Fruitfulness!

5.)  I Will to ……….. Speak only what is good and what I desire in my life.  I will not allow my words to be filled with anything but blessings, faith, goodness, joy, peace, and love.  I will speak the word of God, and He will empower His words coming from my mouth.  I have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:15).  I am His Ambassador in this earth.  “As he is, so are we, in this world,” 1 John 4:17.

Direct your will, just as you direct your mind and your emotions. You are given a soul to rule over.  Designed directives will help you transform your life.