Which way do we go?

How to lead the way when you are totally lost!

Honestly, that is just not going to happen, is it? The baseline definition of a leader is: “One who knows the way.” The world is full of want-to-be leaders, but who really knows the way? The USA where I live has just undergone a change of leadership, and our entire country is prayerfully hoping our new leaders will lead us in the right direction. Some of us are expectant, others are fearful, but all of us should be prayerful!

The following thoughts are intended to challenge your thinking a little concerning leadership. I want to take a look at leadership from two perspectives:

1) You as the leader

  • Are you real? Just because you are a leader does not always mean you are the leader. Collaboration is a wonderful concept but useless and time-consuming without real leadership to guide it.
  • Are you a leader of one or many? What grows, matures or changes with more people to lead? What stays the same no matter the number you are leading?
  • Is there someone with you that has some knowledge, experience, or ability you do not have? If so, do you have the wisdom to utilize it?
  • If you do not know the way, do not take the lead. If someone else knows a better way, let them take the point for a while. This makes you more, not less, a leader.

Pride always leads to disaster

2) You choosing a leader to follow

  • Do they know the way? Even a bad leader can get you somewhere if they know the way. If reaching a destination is all you need, this leader is able. If you want to arrive safely, morally, ethically, or financially, your search may not be over.
  • Follow integrity above intrigue. Is this leader upright and consistent? Can they deliver what they promise?
  • Is there any peace associated with the choice? If everything looks good but there is no peace about the decision, wait until there is, or do not follow this leader.

Peace surpasses understanding, trust peace

There are many other things to consider concerning leadership. My hope is that these thoughts will help you in some way.

Let me suggest a great leadership model written years ago about a truly great leader. * NKJV and my own thoughts inserted in ( )

Psalms 23 The Lord is my shepherd (I know who my leader is.)

I shall not want (Under his leadership I will lack nothing. I trust him!)

He makes me lay down in green pastures (Because the grass is green and plentiful, I am full! I can not eat more. It’s nap time!)

He leads me beside the still waters (He does not lead to strife or troubled waters but to peace and refreshing…. life more abundant.)

He restores my soul (My mind, will & emotions (soul) are repaired by Him.)

He leads me in paths of righteousness (He leads the right way at the right time.)

For His name’s sake (Because his name is honorable, He will not lead me to destruction but to life.)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.(I have full confidence in my leader. He is equipped to guide and defend me, and the integrity of his name is above reproach. What Comfort My Leader Is To Me.)

Follow and mimic this kind of leadership and you will do well!

Fred Hughes, M. Photog.

photo-By Peter Hershey

photo-By Peter Hershey (Large)

Which way do we go?


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